Your coins never leave your wallet. We only ask for your transaction ID of collateral.

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50+ supported masternodes

Super easy to setup

It really takes a few minutes to get your masternode up and running.

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Power of cloud

Your masternode runs on the cloud, 24/7 with almost zero downtime!

Advanced monitoring

Monitor your masternode stats; ROI, revenue history, portfolio value, exchange rates and more to keep track of your masternodes.

Easy deployment

We make masternode deployment easier than ever. It takes a few steps to setup and start your masternode!

Lightning Quick Support

We are always ready to help you out! Just reach us out if you need any help. We are lightning quick at replying.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple; only $0.33 per day for each masternode. Period.

Each Masternode


per day
$9.99 /mo
  • 24/7 Online on the Cloud
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Detailed Stats
  • Email notifications
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